March is recognized as Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month highlights the unique contributions of women throughout history and contemporary society. 

However you define success right now or in the near future, there are lessons to be learned from people who have gone before. To help you along your way, we’ve pulled together useful advice from successful career women, leading in the fintech space. 

“What career advice would you give your younger self when starting out in the challenging world of fintech or to young women who wish to enter the sector?”

Ugne Buracien, Group CEO at payabl.

My piece of advice is to find your voice. Don’t be intimidated by who is around you. If you know your stuff then share it with confidence. Knowledge is power and confidence is key. Also do not be afraid to make mistakes, if you are proactive – you are bound to fail sometimes, that is not a disadvantage – learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself is a great skillset to have.

Georgia Aristeidou, Global Head of HR at The Trading Pit

I would say to invest in their skills and be engaged in a continuous learning process, either in informal type of education from employees and colleagues either via learning courses, workshops, seminars, etc in order to develop technical skills (regardless role or position) for understanding the fundamentals. In addition, one should be adaptable and creative, be open to new ideas, technologies and willing to embrace changes as it’s a fast-paced industry. Last but not least I would advise them to be passionate, persistent and committed to their goals and dreams. With determination and hard work, they can build a successful career in the exciting and dynamic field of fintech.

Donna Stephenson, Founder & CEO  Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency

Having a mentor is a valuable experience. I encourage young women aspiring to enter the fintech sector in Cyprus to find mentors who can provide guidance, support, networks for opening doors to opportunities, valuable insights and to be a trusted confidant as you progress in your career.

Drosoula Hadjisavva, Chief Marketing Officer at SquaredFinancial

My advice to young women aspiring to enter the sector, is to embrace the opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone and that you can learn from. Confidence comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from learning, and learning comes from personal initiative, your inner passion and love for what you do. Find your voice and never compromise your wants, become confident in presenting your authentic self. Authenticity garners respect and trust from others, allowing you to grow.

Carla Nemr, Chief Business Development Officer MENA at Tickmill

To all the women who aspire to pursue a career in the fintech world, I would suggest, first and foremost, staying up to date with the latest trends and developments, as this is a rapidly evolving industry. An excellent way to do that is to attend industry events, follow thought leaders on social media and connect with people in the industry to build your network and learn from others. Seek mentors, as they can help you navigate the industry and develop your career. Most importantly, though, be passionate, be curious, be confident.

Vaida Saltenyte, Partnerships Head at

I would like to emphasize two things. First, educate yourself as crazy. There is not enough time to consume all the knowledge there is so while self education is extremely important, building personal network is even more so. Educate and network (partying on friday nights does not count as networking) as much as possible. Find professional events that are interesting to you, joining local meetups, online webinars, online programs – invest in yourself. This will allow me to learn from other people and their experiences as well.
And secondly – find a mentor or few mentors. We cannot know everything about life or business and career when we start, so having people with whom you can talk about your ambitions and desires is crucial for your success – remember to build that support circle, it will be priceless.  I wish someone had told me this when I was young.

Madalina Rotaru, CEO MENA at CAPEX

There are several pieces of advice to consider. First, build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in finance and technology. Pursue a degree in a related field and seek practical experience through internships or other opportunities. Additionally, stay updated with industry trends by closely monitoring the industry news daily.
To succeed in this fast-evolving industry, working diligently and constantly improving and developing your skills is essential. It’s also advisable to follow as many field experts as possible who will provide valuable information to help you in your career.

Daniela Egli, CEO at The Trading Pit

“This is a great question! Here are some of my thoughts and tips, which I hope will help some women starting on their professional journey in fintech:
Learn A LOT – acquire relevant knowledge and skills both on the job and outside of it (ie take different courses); hard and soft skills are equally important.
However, aim to “ask the best questions” and not “know everything” – which is quite impossible. Asking the right questions can lead you to the best solutions, helps you “connect the dots”, fosters collaboration and invites different perspectives on the same matter leading to better outcomes. 
Network – connect with people in the industry in various roles, find a mentor who can help you navigate through challenging times
Stay true to your values and aim for roles and companies that meet these values 
Be bold and assertive, avoid constantly apologizing in a bid to be heard or be considered polite. At the same time, stay humble and appreciate the people around you as together with others you will be able to accomplish your professional goals”

Viktoria Soltez, Founder & CEO at PSP Angels

Young women are very lucky as they are born to an age where they have the best possible opportunities in the history of humankind. Thanks to technological advances, the gender, colour and other personal differences seem to disappear (if you’re working from home the only performance indicator is your work other than your personal circumstances). My advice to everyone (not only women) is to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and embrace their dreams. I truly believe that every  disadvantage can be turned into an advantage if used wisely, so we should dare to try new things, fail, learn and do it again. With this mindset, there is no failure, only a lesson.

Marilena Iakovou, Chief Marketing Officer at Doo Group

“To young women who wish to enter the fintech world, I would advise them to be confident in their abilities, seek out mentors and role models, and be willing to take risks and try new things. I can attest to the fact that the industry is constantly evolving and there are many exciting opportunities available for those who are passionate about innovation and technology. By staying curious, learning from others, and being open to new experiences, young women can make a meaningful impact in the industry and achieve great success.”

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