fintechview is honored to have the industry’s No1 Unicorn, Ugne Buraciene, Group CEO of payabl. on its digital magazine 1st issue cover. In an exclusive interview Ugne, shares with us her experiences, how payabl. has been established as a market leader, the challenges the industry is facing and its future, as well as how women in leadership skip the obstacles, grow and inspire.

How many years has payabl. been in business and if possible, can you share some information on your operations and vision?

payabl. was established in 2011 and it is a leading payments institution with regional offices in Cyprus, Germany Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, and the UK. We can facilitate transactions from 300+ payment methods and with our extensive expertise, we enable businesses to grow and positively transform the communities they operate in.

Here at payabl. we offer customers a high-tech, high-touch approach, providing future-ready payment solutions for merchants from a wide range of sectors around the world.

Our vision is to create a future where instant, transparent payments positively transform the communities merchants engage in. Our Mission is to be the global financial services partner of choice for merchants globally. We will achieve this with the introduction of – our platform for all financial needs of clients and merchants which encompasses acquiring, banking, issuing, banking as a service and other embedded financial services for the e-commerce industry. Clients are able to test, apply or enable any services in one platform and manage all their day-to-day activities in All of our core services are embedded in the platform, for the ease and convenience of our clients.

What’s the biggest challenge digital businesses are facing today, in your opinion?

One of the key challenges in payments and financial services today is the complexity of the systems and processes involved. For merchants, it can be overwhelming to navigate the many different payment methods and systems available, as well as the regulations and compliance requirements that come with them.

To operate successfully in this environment, merchants need to have a deep understanding of the various payment options available to them and the associated costs and risks. They also need to be able to integrate these options seamlessly into their existing business processes, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

What is in your opinion the future of payments and how is payabl. preparing for it?

It’s no secret that digital payments will continue to gain popularity as consumers grow more accustomed to mobile and online shopping – this is a given. At payabl., we’re looking beyond this. We’re focused on offering our merchants omnichannel payment solutions so that they are able to capitalize on both online and in-store payments.

With this new omnichannel model and businesses straddling both sides of the consumer landscape, there is a heightened focus on creating consistent, recognizable experiences with brands and ensuring that customers have access to seamless browsing and purchasing experiences whether they interact with businesses in person or online. Robust, universal, and seamless payment methods are essential for any online or omnichannel business that aims to navigate the globalized landscape of commerce.

At payabl., we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the payments experience of our merchants. Right now, we’re focused on bringing our merchants a holistic, omnichannel payments solution. It’s called and it will allow our merchants to manage all of their payments activities from one app. Financial snapshots, fraud data, payment processing – everything will be in one place. This is a game changer for a business as it will unify hundreds of different processes saving time and money.

Which powerful woman do you admire the most?

I admire Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank. She is a powerful woman in business and I relate to her views on the importance of gender diversity in leadership positions and the need to address the gender pay gap.

My strength comes from close examples and encounters I had as a young woman building my career and it is important to recognise women and their potential in your close environment. My number one woman is my grandmother – her values and her business acumen, as well as her strong leadership, and focus gave me the best lessons growing up.

What advice would you give to young women who wish to enter the business world?

My piece of advice is to find your voice. Don’t be intimidated by who is around you. If you know your stuff then share it with confidence. Knowledge is power and confidence is key. Also, do not be afraid to make mistakes, if you are proactive – you are bound to fail sometimes, that is not a disadvantage – learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself is a great skill set to have.

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Who is Who

Group CEO of payabl. Ugne has extensive expertise in fintech, with 15 years’ experience in complex banking and payments ecosystems. Ugne Buraciene started her FinTech career 15 years ago at a technology and software company and has steadily worked her way up to becoming one of the most respected thought leaders in the FinTech space and most notably – the group CEO of payabl. 

With offices in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Germany, payabl. is among the most important FinTech companies internationally in the field of digital payments – a success that can be directly attributed to the expertise and leadership of Ugne. 

Well-respected in the FinTech space, Ugne is an advisor to Klarpay and the Cyprus-based tech-investor WhiteBream. Ugne is also the Country Ambassador for the European Women Payments Network and is championing the growth and innovation of the payments sector globally. 

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