Madalina Rotaru CEO MENA at Capex, in an exclusive interview with fintechview sharing her thoughts about the industry.

Madalina Rotaru, is one of the 11 leading women in the fintech sector, presented in fintechview digital magazine special feature. Find the interview below:

What is the biggest challenge the sector is facing today, in your opinion?  

 I think that one of the biggest challenges in the fintech sector is maintaining the balance between innovation and regulation. Fintech companies often develop new products and services that disrupt traditional financial models and have the potential to transform the financial industry. However, they must also comply with complex regulatory requirements to ensure consumer protection, prevent fraud, and maintain financial stability.  

 Finally, customer adoption is another challenge for fintech companies. Financial services are traditionally conservative, and consumers may hesitate to trust new industry players. Fintech companies must build strong relationships with their customers and gain their trust by providing high-quality services and exceptional customer experiences. 

What’s in your opinion the future of the financial services / FX industry, how it will evolve?  

 The financial services, FX industry is undergoing significant transformation driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Digitalization is a major trend, with institutions investing in mobile banking, digital wallets, and blockchain. The rise of fintech firms is also disrupting traditional financial institutions, leading to greater innovation and personalization of products and services. Additionally, sustainability and ethical considerations are increasingly important to consumers. This makes financial institutions offer more sustainable investment options and demonstrate their commitment to responsible practices. Overall, the industry will likely continue evolving rapidly, with increased automation, greater use of blockchain, and the growth of digital payment methods among the key trends. 

 To summarize, the future of the financial services industry is characterized by digital transformation, personalization of products and services, increased regulation, fintech disruption, sustainability, and ethical considerations. The industry is expected to evolve rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer demands. Financial institutions must adapt to these changes to remain competitive, including investing in digital solutions, integrating fintech services, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. 

What advice would you give to those who wish to enter the fintech world?  

There are several pieces of advice to consider. First, build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in finance and technology. Pursue a degree in a related field and seek practical experience through internships or other opportunities. Additionally, stay updated with industry trends by closely monitoring the industry news daily.
To succeed in this fast-evolving industry, working diligently and constantly improving and developing your skills is essential. It’s also advisable to follow as many field experts as possible who will provide valuable information to help you in your career.

What’s coming up next for Capex?

 We have been present in the global markets starting with 2016, and since then, we have built up our name step by step. currently operates four licenses worldwide, granted by today’s most prestigious regulatory bodies. Our customer-centered approach and the constant expansion of our services and products have led to the rapid growth we’ve shown in such a short period.  

 Moreover, the vision we have helps fuel our business. From day one, we have envisioned as a brokerage powerhouse that facilitates access to every aspect of everyone’s financial needs under one roof. And we support our vision by constantly evaluating our services. We want to ensure our products are as user-friendly as possible while dedicating our efforts to their technological advancement and innovation. 

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