fintechview sat down with Zoltan Nemeth, COO, Executive Director at Swissquote Capital Markets and leading the Operations and Sales for Swissquote’s new EU unit, based in Limassol, Cyprus. In an exclusive interview about Swissquote, Zoltan shares with us his insights about the markets, the decision to expand operations with an office in Cyprus and more.

Why the decision to set up operations in Cyprus and acquire the CySec license?

Following Brexit, in 2020, Swissquote Group needed another location besides our UK entity, to cater for the needs of EU clients and potential investors.
Since Cyprus is a hub for Forex companies it was a choice of preference to set up operations.

What are the focus regions/countries ?

With our license from CySEC, we received passporting rights from all EU countries where our offered products are allowed to be marketed to the public.
The objective and focus, of our teams in Limassol, will be to increase the awareness of the Swissquote brand and to build a strong customer base in the European target countries.

What traders should expect from Swissquotes? Any new product launches?

We have already launched CFDs on Forex Currency Pairs, Precious Metals, Commodities, Indices and Shares. Now we are planning to extend our offering with physical assets such as ETFs, Bonds and Shares in order to increase the appeal of our offering to a wider market segment. Over time, more than 3 million financial products will be tradable on our platforms.

Having a background in Sales & Management, how this sector has changed and how the commercial strategy has changed ?

Over the years Regulations became more stricter Globally and even now it’s changing year over year.
We have to stay up to date and adjust our Marketing and Sales approach accordingly.

What’s in your opinion the future of the fintech/ financial services industry and how a broker can remain competitive?

For an investor the Safety, Transparency and Good Repute are the most important things when selecting a broker.
Swissquote Group has over 25 years of unblemished history and listed on the Swiss Stock exchange since 2000, not to mention the numerous awards we won in the past years for being innovative and reliable provider. By making sure we keep moving forward with technology, keeping our reputation clean we have no doubt we will keep growing and expanding.

Who is Who

Zoltan has been doing sales for over 18 years across various industries. In the Financial services/Forex sector he has been active since 2011 and represented some of the market leaders during this time.

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