As we head into 2024, businesses are dialed in on hiring for cloud, DevOps, digital transformation, security and privacy, development, AI, automation, system upgrades, and data integration and analytics, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2024 IT salary report. Recruiting in the tech industry remains strong, according to the report, with job gains outpacing losses in the tech sector. fintechview sat down with 3 HR & Talent Aquisition specialists, with years of experience in the fintech, financial services, gaming and tech sector to get their insights on the most in-demand jobs for 2024.

Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Founder and Director of PERHA Group

Marianna Hadjiandoniou, is the Founder and Director of PERHA Group and Group HR Director of GR8 Tech, which is the evolution of Parimatch Tech, an expert in HR strategies, and business reorganizatio, with more than 19 years of experience in talent aquisition. Marianna shared her thoughts with fintechview on the topic:

It’s evident that IT Engineers, Data Analysts, IT Developers and other roles within the Tech sector are currently leading the pack in terms of job demand. The rapid advancements in technology continue to drive the demand, with businesses increasingly relying on skilled professionals to navigate complex data landscapes, innovate in software development and coding and guarantee robust IT infrastructure.

As we continue to embrace digitalization, these roles will remain pivotal in driving business growth and adaptation to evolving market demands. It’s crucial for organizations pro prioritize the attraction and retention of talent in these vital fields to uphold competitiveness in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, where technological innovation is not just an option; it’s a necessity for career advancement and organizational growth.

Donna Stephenson, CEO at Emerald Zebra Recruitment

Dona Stephenson is the Founder and CEO of Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency With a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, she leads a team of recruiters focused on providing recruitment services in the fintech, tech, finance and gaming sectors. Donna commented:

We continue to see a high volume of tech job vacancies, especially software developers, where demand for talent exceeds the supply. Tech jobs such as UI/UX, product development, software engineering, testing, data scientists, cybersecurity experts etc. are in demand skills. There continues to be a demand for Business Development Managers (especially with language skills), to expand client bases in new territories. Likewise for customer-facing jobs such as sales, retention/conversion, partnership managers, customer success etc to ensure a quality customer experience and complimented by a demand for strategic marketers, such as digital marketing and online content creation.

For regulated entities, demand continues for compliance, AML, risk, and data analysis talent.
It’s also worth noting that adapting to new work structures like hybrid and remote setups has expanded HR skill sets, creating a demand for professionals experienced in talent acquisition, implementing employee well-being strategies, and helping to build inclusive and positive workplace cultures.

Marianna Siamtani, Group Head of HR at Tickmill

As the Group Head of HR at Tickmill, Mrs Marianna Siamtani is leading the human resources strategy and operations for a global group of companies that offer trading services around the globe, shared her thoughts:

Predicting specific top jobs in 2024 can be challenging, since our industry is growing continuously over the years. A substantial number of evolving roles are incredibly important and is difficult to differentiate however, I would say that the most popular areas based on my experience over the years in the HR recruitment field is within the technology and IT.
I would highlight any role within the IT that is the backbone of a successful organisation’s technological capabilities, ensuring that it stays competitive in the digital landscape by developing innovative software solutions and maintaining a robust IT infrastructure. Therefore, I would say that software developers tasked with designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications that meet the specific needs of the firm are highly in demand. Seeking to recruit IT & Software Development team, this may be quite dynamic and difficult at the same time as technologies are constantly progressing and we aim to hire competent individuals to enable us to reach our goals and objectives for the future.
I would also focus my attention to roles involved in the operations & social media management, are
highly in demand. These roles reflect the diverse and evolving landscape of marketing, incorporating
emerging technologies, digital trends that have direct impact in the growth of an organisation.
Searching for talented individuals for enhancing company’s presence and manage the interactions on
social media platforms, may involve a challenging combination of creative thinking, project efficiency
and an analytical mind.
I would also like to give my emphasis in the multilinguistic business development field as the job market
is very dynamic, especially for brokerage firms looking to acquire new clients and retain existing ones.
We are looking for successful sales professionals in the forex market typically to have effective communication skills, a good understanding of financial markets, and the ability to build and maintain
relationship with clients. Employing multinational individuals that have enormous potential in sales can
facilitate the development of a workforce that is attuned to international markets, regulations, and
customer preferences, thereby enhancing the company’s ability to operate on a global scale.
We are proud to say that we are a firm that is strategically aiming to foster diversity, accessing global
talents, enhancing skills, and positioning the company’s success in an extremely competitive business
To this end, all positions that have a profound sense of purpose are highly valued and may contribute to
the success of an increasingly interconnected and ever-changing workplace.

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