World Wide Technology (WWT) inks a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NXT Global to build and deliver the UAE’s first AI Integration Center.

ccording to Industry sources, this unique Integration Center will make the UAE in becoming a virtual and physical exporter of plug-and-play cutting-edge AI infrastructure to the world, made in Abu Dhabi. The strategic partnership will be known in the region as WWT NXT Global.

Industry sources also affirmed that located in Masdar City, one of the global most sustainable urban developments and Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning technology district,  the latest AI Integration Center and AI Proving Ground will be the world’s first sustainable of its kind. They also added that this will power the envelope of AI and deliver on the UAE’s existing AI capabilities to include the full stack of technological leadership to build the UAE’s economy of the future. The AI Integration Center and AI Proving Ground will be in full alignment with the recently created Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Council chaired by His Highness Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Key Objectives of the WWT NXT Global Integration Center:

  1. Elevate AI Ambitions: Align with the UAE’s National AI Strategy by fostering innovation and implementation of AI technologies across various sectors through Emirates-made End-to-End AI infrastructure services.
  2. Enhancing Digital Transformation: Provide tailored solutions to accelerate the digital transformation journeys of UAE enterprises making the international centre of excellency.
  3. Building Local Expertise: Facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development among local IT professionals through training programs and workshops.
  4. Collaboration and Innovation: Foster a collaborative environment where enterprises can work together on groundbreaking AI projects and initiatives.

H.E. Nasser Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed Al Sowaidi, Chair of NXT Global stated “We are thrilled to launch our AI Integration Center here in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to support the UAE’s vision of becoming a global leader and net exporter of AI by providing the infrastructure, expertise, and innovative solutions needed to drive significant advancements.”

Omar Mir International Board Member WWT stated “Firstly, I am especially delighted to be building our new Integration Center in Masdar City making it the most sustainable Integration Center globally. Secondly, I am confident that our partnership with NXT Global will elevate the bold AI ambitions of Abu Dhabi and the UAE and we are proud that we will play a part in changing the world and striving for excellence in AI.”

From L To R – Ambassador of the UAE to the US, H.E. Yousef Al Otaiba And Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City’s Executive Director for Sustainable Development

Ambassador of the UAE to the US, H.E. Yousef Al Otaiba, added: “I am delighted with the creation of WWT NXT Global, which ensures that there is a continuous flow of AI Innovation from End-to-End between the US and the UAE. Together with the recent Microsoft and G42 announcement, this adds another key pillar of a new and improved partnership between both of our countries.”

Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City’s Executive Director for Sustainable Development added, “By choosing Masdar City as their base, both WWT and NXT Global underscore our mission to foster collaborative ecosystems that drive innovation and support the growth of the UAE’s AI industry. With state-of-the-art facilities, advanced research opportunities, and a vibrant community of innovators, Masdar City is at the forefront of sustainable growth, and we are proud of attracting such forward-thinking enterprises.”

Industry sources also added further, that WWT NXT Global will design, build, integrate, and deliver end-to-end full-stack cutting-edge AI technology stacks utilizing WWT’s ecosystem of the globally leading US strategic OEMs in AI, Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, and Networks.  It will act as a catalyst of boosting the UAE to surge the AI deployment by up to 75 percent while decreasing AI engineering budget by up to 50 percent. This will elevate the UAE’s flagship AI programs and key strategic initiatives to new levels, supporting Emirates-made production and a local knowledge-based economy.

This strategic initiative will make WWT NXT Global’s commitment to supporting Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s ambitious AI initiatives and vision for technological advancement. By embedding world-leading subject matter expertise and ecosystem, a local Center of Excellence and Knowledge for global leading End-to-End AI Infrastructure will be created. It will provide state-of-the-art solutions and services to enhance the capabilities of the local economy and global leaders. source

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